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CHAIRMAN: Claudio Kohan. Director. ALTFUELS IBERIA

​10:00 - Alternative fuels in the railroad. Natural gas and biomethane

Claudio Rodríguez. Gas Assets General Manager. ENAGÁS

10:30 - Dual fuel for road and large engines

Víctor Pérez. DIMSPORT

Xavier RibasEVARM

Edison Alejandro Bilbao. MULTIGRUPO - STAG DIESEL

11:15 - Question time

11:30 - Coffee Break

12:00 - Compressors and virtual pipelines

CHAIRMAN: Manuel Lage. Secretario General. AESSGAN

12:00 - "The importance of gas compressor systems for alternative fuels"

Stelios Flessas. Business Development Manager. SAUER COMPRESSORS


12:15 - TBC

Gianni Baroni. CEO. ASPROITALY

12:30 - Modulable and domestic load solutions for the supply of CNG

Vicente Javier Navarro. COLTRI COMPRESSORI


12:45 - TBC



13:00 - TBC

Romuald Chiron. Export Manager. CALVERA

13:15 - Technological solutions - MRU (Mobile Refueling Units (CNG))

Hernán Giraldi. Business Development Manager. SAFE

13:30 - Question time

13:45 - The present and future reality of renewable gas

Fernando Selva Guillén. Administrator. AGF PROCESOS BIOGAS

14:00 - The next step. Natural gas and fuel cells

José Manuel Gregorio. Hydrogen Technologies Director. AJUSA

14:15 - Street Food. Music & Dance

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